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Providing a wide variety of courses and media options to fit the training needs of individuals, companies, and government agencies.
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      Online Courses
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Online Business Writing Training Options

Essentials Courses

      For business people who want shorter courses in effective business writing and basic business grammar, but also want an instructor who evaluates progress, writes comments on writing samples, and coaches students in writing skills, the Center offers two online courses that teach just the essential business writing skills with instructor guidance. Graduates receive graduation certificates. Click on a course name to read more about the course.

Tuition is $125 for Basic Grammar Essentials and $147 for Business Writing Essentials. Tuition is reduced to $195 for both courses taken together. Read more.

Self-study Courses

     For business people who want to learn effective business writing on their own for less tuition, and for human-resources administrators who want to provide training for large groups, the Center offers three online, self-study courses. There is no instructor contact and no graduation certificate with these courses.

Click on a course name to learn more about the course.

Tuition is $49 per course. Volume discounts are available.


Full-Length Courses

     The Business Writing Center offers online, full-length business writing courses with lessons, practice activities, and writing sample competency examinations. An instructor works closely with each trainee, monitoring progress in readings, evaluating and commenting on practice activities, writing extensive notes on writing sample tests, and coaching trainees through learning skills.

     The courses are self-pacing, so a busy business person can decide when to work on the course and how quickly to finish. These courses have more practice activities and writing sample examinations than the essentials courses described above. Graduates receive graduation certificates.

Click on a course name to learn more about the course.

Tuition is $295 per course.

Specific Writing Media

     The Center also offers online, instructor-led, full-length courses focusing on the three primary types of documents used in business today: e-mail, letters, and reports. These courses have lessons teaching the skills that will enable a business person to write clearly, concisely, and professionally. The courses have practice activities and written competency examinations the instructor evaluates. The courses are self-pacing, and graduates receive graduation certificates.

Click on a course name to learn more about the course.

Tuition is $295 per course, except for the Writing Effective Business Letters, which has a tuition of $175.


Specialized Courses

     The Center offers online, instructor-led courses in specialized areas of business writing. Each course contains practice activities and written competency examinations. For the Proofreading Skills course, the trainee proofreads a variety of documents while learning the skills. The courses are self-pacing, and graduates receive graduation certificates.

     Following is a list of the specialized courses in business writing. Click on a course name to learn more about the course.

Tuition is $295 per course, except for Plain English Writing, which is in two versions: an essentials course and a full course. Tuition for the Plain English Writing essentials course is $175. Tuition for the full course is $295.

Writing in Disciplines

     The Center offers online, instructor-led courses in writing for specific disciplines. The courses are self-pacing, and graduates receive graduation certificates. Click on a course name to learn more about the course.

Tuition is $295 per course, except for the Legal Proofreading Skills course, which has a tuition of $175.


Nonnative Speakers

     The Center offers individualized courses for nonnative speakers of English to help trainees polish their writing and take care of issues with language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and sentence structure. The instructor identifies problem areas in the trainees' writing samples, shows the trainees how to write the text correctly, teaches them the rules that apply, and coaches them through learning the skills. The courses are self-pacing, with trainees interacting with the instructor from anywhere in the world by e-mail or the phone. Graduates receive graduation certificates.

Click on a course name to learn more about the course.


Training Trainers

     The Center trains corporate and agency trainers, teachers, and professors in how to teach writing skills using Center materials. The materials are then available for the trainer to use with trainees. The trainers interact with Center faculty using e-mail and the phone as the media.

Currently, the following course materials are available for trainers to use:

  Business Writing Skills
  Basic Grammar Essentials
  Editing Skills
  Legal Proofreading Skills
  Plain English Writing Skills
  Recording and Writing Meeting Minutes
  Writing Business Reports
  Writing Clear Instructions and
  Writing Clear, Objective Audit Reports
  Writing Effective Business Letters
  Writing Effective Workplace E-mail
  Writing Skills for Technical Support Call
     Center Representatives
  Writing Customer-Support Messages

Tuition is $495.

MBA-Level Course

     The Business Writing Center developed a complete MBA-level course in writing e-mail, memos, letters, and reports in cooperation with a college of business. Dr. Hogan, on whose book the course is based, developed the course using his experience as a professor in a college of business. The course includes a variety of practice activities and writing sample competency examinations using simulations that require the trainee to think through writing issues and write to achieve business objectives.

     The trainer comments on all aspects of the trainee's writing, bringing the trainee to mastery in the best practices required to produce high-quality, clear, professional business documents.

     Graduates are highly proficient in business writing and are qualified to evaluate and edit others' writing and teach the business writing skills. Dr. Hogan teaches the course. It is based on his book, Explicit Business Writing: Best Practices for the Twenty-First Century. The course materials are online, and Dr. Hogan interacts with the trainers in training through e-mail or over the phone.


Student Comments

     Most students spontaneously write e-mails to their instructors with positive comments about their training experiences. This is just a small sampling.

[A memo a student sent to her supervisor]

This course helped me to improve my writing skills in different areas. In one lesson, we practiced conveying messages in as few words as possible. (Less is more!) I can tend to be wordy, so this was extremely helpful to me. Another lesson focused on skills to relay good news and bad news to the reader. Tenant letters are not always sent with good news messages, so this was useful as well.

I enjoyed this class as well as the previous course I have taken with The Business Writing Center. Dr. Hogan is a great instructor, and I would highly recommend this online class to anyone needing help with their writing and communication skills.

Dear Ms. Griffin,

I have learned a great deal and been able to benefit from using it at work. My supervisor is very pleased with my e-mails. Thanks for all your help and support. Keep up the good work.

I have really learned a lot taking the course. It was a real challenge for me because I do this same thing all day at work and it's hard to make yourself do it when you come home.

Last week my boss was asked for comments to an interview type situation that was going to be published in a newsletter. I delegated the work out to a person who is responsible for handling this particular program. My boss was not happy with his responses to the interview questions and just gave a couple of clues to what he was really wanting to stress in the response. I got a second person's responses (who also works with the program daily) and had a media person (speech writer type person) edit them. I didn't particularly like them, so II took the Media person's version and did my own edit. I submitted the three versions to him: the media person's, mine, and the technician's - and guess which one he picked to be published - MINE!

Thank you so much for your guidance.

Thanks for all your comments and corrections during the course of this program.

Indeed, I noticed a great improvement in my business writing skills and I believe it will help me a great deal in future endeavors.

I'm very happy to have graduated considering the work pressure I had in my office. I thank you and your team for the excellent program. I'll definitely recommend it to others.

I appreciate all of your help, and have learned a lot from your course. I feel more confident in my writing and I attribute that to your patience and the way the class is designed. Thanks for all of your help and encouragement.


Many more testimonials

Student Comments

Below are still more comments students have written after finishing their courses.

I want to thank you for working with me. Both our senior editor and my supervisor have commented that my writing has improved. Thank you very much for your patience and instruction.

Thank you for all your patience, support, and instruction throughout the period. I have learned so much, and I'm so grateful I signed up to take the course. My appreciation!

Your reviews have been extremely helpful in highlighting the areas where I need improvement. I was having trouble getting people to respond but with the format you taught me I'm getting much better responses from our people. In fact, they're starting to imitate the format themselves when they send me memos. That makes me feel pretty good!
I would also like to highly recommend your course to anyone considering a writing career or enhancing their writing skills. Please feel free to use this note as a recommendation from a very satisfied (and very well prepared) graduate of your course. Thank you again!
I need to thank you. I heard from Aaron (CEO) and Drew (COO) today. They like the first draft of my annual report very much. Aaron made a point of saying your course has really helped my business writing a lot. It's a great relief to know my writing's getting better--in a business sense.
I wanted to thank you for your help. The course was excellent and it helped me a lot. I can see and feel the changes in my writing. Now, I pay attention to a lot of things that I used to take for granted. Thank you again for this great course and I would recommended it to all my friends and family.
Hello Dr. Hogan,
I owe you a big thank you. The company that had me doing contract work made me their copywriter. I am so excited. I have been learning so much. But not only that, I am writing Web site content for my boss's new company. He gave me free creative power on the content. It's amazing. I love it.
I felt the courses were very helpful to me. The owners here noticed a positive change in my emails, memos, and letters since the courses.
Thank you,
My boss told me that it was the best money he has spent. This class had helped me to organize my thoughts better, write clearer sentences, and get to the point faster.
I can write much better that I used to.

Many more testimonials