Nearly all of our students send e-mails after they finish our courses telling us how much they enjoyed the course, how much they learned, and that they're receiving comments about the quality of their writing from supervisors or co-workers. A sampling of the many other e-mails we receive follows. These are typical comments:


Thank you! I have learned so much in this business writing course. Your explanations were very simple to understand. My problems were there was so much information, that I found it hard to hold all with a busy schedule in addition. Yet, with repetitive reminders, as in the end exam it all came together. I will now know how to study and hold information for future courses. I look forward to other classes via this company in the near future.

Again, thank you and this company for making learning business writing invigorating.

[A recent memo a student sent to her supervisor]

I recently completed an online course, Writing Effective Business Letters, through the Business Writing Center at Businesswriting.com. I chose this particular class because I wanted to improve my communication skills in writing effective letters to our tenants and general daily business correspondence.

This course helped me to improve my writing skills in different areas. In one lesson, we practiced conveying messages in as few words as possible. (Less is more!) I can tend to be wordy, so this was extremely helpful to me. Another lesson focused on skills to relay good news and bad news to the reader. Tenant letters are not always sent with good news messages, so this was useful as well.

I enjoyed this class as well as the previous course I have taken with The Business Writing Center. Dr. Hogan is a great instructor, and I would highly recommend this online class to anyone needing help with their writing and communication skills.


Dear Dr. Hogan,

I am writing to thank you very much for your support and for helping me improve my writing. I feel so much more confident to write and communicate my thoughts in a structured way. I am sending out the note below to the person in charge of personnel development, recommending the course to other colleagues.

Hi Jerry,

As promised, here is a paragraph about the business course that I just completed. I would like to recommend it to others particularly field colleagues.

Do you struggle with writing concisely and clearly? Do you wish you could write better reports and proposals or even emails? Do you wish someone coached you on professional writing? There is something for everyone at the Business Writing Center, based in the USA. They offer online courses for anyone who wishes to improve their writing and communication skills from simple reports to complex technical ones. I did an online course at the Center, and I have appreciated the level of engagement by the coach and the resources I got to make my writing better. There are many people from various organizations listed on the webpage that have taken courses through the Center and have reported significant differences in their writing skills. I hope you will also benefit from it as much as I did.

Dear Dr. Hogan and Ms. Griffin,

I have learned a great deal and been able to benefit from using it at work. My supervisor is very pleased with my e-mails. Thanks for all your help and support. Keep up the good work.


This course was well worth the time and expense. I find myself changing how I write and I have received many comments on how my style of writing has improved. I must continue to improve my writing and will continue to refer to the critiqued activities for guidance.

Dear Dr. Hogan,

WONDERFUL! I have really learned a lot taking the course. It was a real challenge for me because I do this same thing all day at work and it's hard to make yourself do it when you come home.

Last week my boss was asked for comments to an interview type situation that was going to be published in a newsletter. I delegated the work out to a person who is responsible for handling this particular program. My boss was not happy with his responses to the interview questions and just gave a couple of clues to what he was really wanting to stress in the response. I got a second person's responses (who also works with the program daily) and had a media person (speech writer type person) edit them. I didn't particularly like them, so II took the Media person's version and did my own edit. I submitted the three versions to him: the media person's, mine, and the technician's - and guess which one he picked to be published - MINE!

Thank you so much for your guidance.


Hello Dr. Hogan,

Thanks for all your comments and corrections during the course of this program.

Indeed, I noticed a great improvement in my business writing skills and I believe it will help me a great deal in future endeavors.

I'm very happy to have graduated considering the work pressure I had in my office. I thank you and your team for the excellent program. I'll definitely recommend it to others.


Good evening,

I wanted to let you know the business proposal course has had an immediate and positive impact on my career. I've earned another promotion along with new responsibilities. I have to submit a corporate weekly report of our local activities. The sensitive nature of our location along with the value of this project on the overall bottom line for the company has made my reports very important. If it weren't for your guidance, I would not have been ready to excel so quickly. I want to thank you for your guidance, it has helped my career yet again.

Dr. Hogan:

Thank you for the comments. I really enjoyed this course. It is by far the best writing instruction I have received (high school and college included).

From a proofreader in a United Kingdom law firm
to a prospective Business Writing Center student

Dear Jill:

I have just completed Dr Hogan's course and yes it was worthwhile and, in my opinion, value for money.

Before taking the course, I had a look at a couple on offer in this country and went so far as to buy one of them, but the presentation, support, and so on were definitely not value for money.

The trap is not to try to correct the American spelling. You will find that Dr Hogan is very understanding and patient and is interested in our use of language. As for support, it was good. The marked assignments give commentary on everything you correct plus whatever you miss. Where you make mistakes, you are told not only what should be there, but also why you were wrong.

Questions about the assignments and reading were quickly answered by email and I got the impression that no matter how silly the question might be, there was a friendly, supportive attitude and an interest in clearing up any problems.

I intend to use the skills I have learned. I work in a law firm at present but intend to start doing some freelance work now and build up to the stage where I can take it up full time. I am also thinking about taking the editing course that Dr Hogan runs. I have had a look at the syllabus and it looks better than those on offer in the UK.

If you do decide to do the course I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please feel free to contact me again. Best wishes and the very best of luck

Stephen Clissold

Dear Dr. Hogan,

Thank you! I enjoyed the class and it was a challenge. One of my employees took your proofreading class and said that course was also very good. We are so impressed that all future employees working in my department as proofreaders will take the course. In fact, you should be receiving payment for my latest hire, ____________.

Thanks again,

Vicky de los Reyes
Manager - Form Development

Dr Hogan,

I have benefited greatly from your coaching. I felt the courses allowed me to have this type of flexibility without compromising my learning. This along with your ability to spot my weaknesses and direct me to the best areas to optimize my development encouraged me to gain as much benefit as possible from your guidance. I will certainly be back for more tuition.

After each session of your course I completed, my confidence grew. I now find my self not worrying so much about my writing ability. In fact, I find my self consciously correcting other managers' grammar. Managers whom I once thought were fantastic writers.

In addition, working with you has given me the confidence to begin to tackle my goal of many years - to complete an MBA.

I am in the process of doing an honors degree management course at the moment (1 year), this is the start. Again, I am seeing benefits in my report writing. The tutor has commented favorably on the format, structure and succinctness of my reports - all down to your helping me.

Any way, without doubt, I will be re-enrolling at some point to work through the reports that I will be writing this year - as soon as I come up for air.


James Bunyan
Scotland, United Kingdom

Dear Business Writing Center,

Wow, what an informative set of lessons. Definitely a lot to remember, so I have post-it notes to mark the pages, so I can go back to them. I also marked the same rules in the Chicago Manual of Style.

I didn't remember there being so many rules for Subject/Verb agreement, or I was never taught all the rules. However, I did well on the assignments.

Have a great day!


Hi Ryen,

I think that my copy was much more moving. I could imagine what it meant, picture the words. It wasn't bland or dry. When I went to write this copy, I thought--why not use a metaphor? Why not integrate what you do for creative writing into business writing? And it worked.

I am proud of this copy and feel that it means more, not just says more.

Thanks for pushing me.


Dr. Hogan,

My group references things they learned in your class frequently. We all truly benefited from the instruction!

Thank you.

Patti Woods
Training Coordinator


I want to thank you for your comments regarding my performance on Diagnostic 2; they were very encouraging. As I'm sure you've heard many times, proofreading is far more challenging than I ever imagined! Nevertheless, this course has been a very rewarding endeavor and has certainly made me realize how much I DON'T know!

Needless to say, I have a much greater appreciation for the detailed work involved in reviewing written material and how important it is to "get it right"!


Hello again,

Wow, this is exactly the instruction I've been looking for. I had to look up the definition of "stilted." I thought that style was necessary for the business environment. I am an easygoing, natural-speaking kind of person. When I need to write, I go into formal overdrive. I will redo the letter and send it soon.

Thank you.


Hi Dr. Hogan,

I just wanted to share the good news that I just got a great freelance job helping a professional resume writer prepare resumes! I am very excited and eager to take my writing skills to the next level. Thank you for all of your help during our writing lessons. Not only have they improved my writing, but they have also improved my confidence in my writing skills.

Thank you.


I have listed the address below for you to send the certificate. I appreciate all of your help, and have learned a lot from your course. I feel more confident in my writing and I attribute that to your patience and the way the class is designed. Thanks for all of your help and encouragement.

Douglas Grimwood

Thank you!

Thank you again.. Great course.. I plan on taking others soon.


I want to thank you for working with me. Both our senior editor and my supervisor have commented that my writing has improved.

Thank you very much for your patience and instruction.


Thank you so much for providing this class. Looking back to the beginning exercises, I can see that I have learned much from the course. I understand your concerns about the usage problems I have, and appreciate your bringing them to my attention. I will prompt my manager about taking the Basic Writing Skills Tutorial course. I have also recommended that a few of my colleagues take this course.


Thanks so much for your helpful comments!

I enjoyed the class!


Thank you again for all your help and patience. I will definitely recommend the Business Writing Center to my colleagues.



I am attaching the completed test for the final class. Thank you for all your patience, support, and instruction throughout the period. I have learned so much, and I'm so grateful I signed up to take the course. My appreciation!


Thank you for your excellent teaching. I have learned how to write concisely and clearly.


Thank you for your comments on my last assignment, and for your help throughout the course. I really enjoyed the class and have learned a lot.


The test was easier than I thought. I have to say, it really had me worried.

Dr. Hogan, I just wanted to thank you. I enjoyed taking your class.

Thanks again,

I am very pleased to have graduated from the course. I found it to be very helpful. I am much more conscious of my business communications! Thank you again.


Your reviews have been extremely helpful in highlighting the areas where I need improvement. I was having trouble getting people to respond but with the format you taught me I'm getting much better responses from our people. In fact, they're starting to imitate the format themselves when they send me memos. That makes me feel pretty good!

I am enjoying your class very much. Thank you for an exceptionally well-organized and thoughtful course.

My feeling of appreciation for your life-saving responses and correction is beyond my language ability to express. I found new hope for why I should continue with my present profession.

Knowing a little better where my weaknesses are is helping me to learn how to correct myself, with your help.

I read through your comments, and agree with all of them. Most were eye-openers. Thanks.

I used your 'framework' to write the letter. It has been quite helpful.

Looking at a press release we had someone write a couple of months ago, with 20/20 hindsight, I'm incredulous that a) I paid for the release to be written, b) I accepted it nearly as it was, and c) now I've cut 25% of the words and strengthened the content. Magic. I'm excited to see how much further we can go with it.

I would also like to highly recommend your course to anyone considering a writing career or enhancing their writing skills. Please feel free to use this note as a recommendation from a very satisfied (and very well prepared) graduate of your course. Thank you again!

Dr. Hogan,

And I need to thank you. I heard from Aaron (CEO) and Drew (COO) today. They like the first draft of my annual report very much. Aaron made a point of saying your course has really helped my business writing a lot. It's a great relief to know my writing's getting better--in a business sense.

I'm looking forward to starting the second course once this report settles down.

Ms. Griffin,

I had done a course locally and found it very confusing, so am enjoying your one and getting a heck of a lot of benefit from it.

Kind Regards

Dr Hogan,

Thanks for the certificate. I really enjoyed the course. This was the best $295 I ever spent.

Dear Dr. Hogan and Ms. Griffin,

I have started using what I've learned and it has been very helpful at work. I've been enjoying the Business Writing Course very much. Thank you.



My team worked with your organization several years ago. I was pleased with the results.

Now I would like you to evaluate the writing of three people. Following your evaluation please email me your course recommendations.


Hello again,

I wanted to thank you for your help. The course was excellent and it helped me a lot. I can see and feel the changes in my writing. Now, I pay attention to a lot of things that I used to take for granted. Thank you again for this great course and I would recommended it to all my friends and family.


Hello Dr. Hogan,

I owe you a big thank you. The company that had me doing contract work made me their copywriter. I am so excited. I have been learning so much. But not only that, I am writing Web site content for my boss's new company. He gave me free creative power on the content, it's amazing, I love it.


Dear Dr. Hogan,

I found the material very helpful. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wanted to brush up on their writing skills. I believe that this is the way to go. Online, at your own pace, with assistance at your fingertips.

Laura Richardson

Hello Julie,

The business writing course was my first online course. I enjoyed it. I found everything I needed online. I was able to get my questions answered quickly and that was nice. The lessons went over everything I was interested in learning. I would take another writing class or even recommend to co-workers.

Hello Craig,

I felt the courses were very helpful to me. The owners here noticed a positive change in my emails, memos and letters since the courses.

Thank you,
Nanette Babroski

[Underlining was the student's]

I learned a lot in this course. I refer to your lessons on a daily basis at work.


Hi Julie,

Thank you very much for all your helpful advice. I am almost ready to submit the 6th diagnostic test, and I'd like to ask your advice about further study. I have enjoyed taking this course, and I'd like to continue studying in this field.

Robyn Cameron

Hi Dr. Hogan,

My boss told me that it was the best money he has spent. This class had helped me to:
Organize my thoughts better.
Write sentences clearer.
Get to the point faster.

I can write much better that I used to.


Dr. Hogan,

The course was very good and informative, and I have recommended two of my colleagues to take the course. I think it would be great if you sent each student a PDF file containing all of the training information provided via the web to serve as a quick reference guide for the students to continue good writing practices.

Jeff Welch

Thank you for your comments. I feel I learned a lot from the course. It has provided me, most importantly, with the proper mindset and tools to improve my work and will help me to edit the work of others. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve their writing and editing skills and have actually done so already. Best wishes,
Jon Lewis, Grant Writer

Thank you and it was fun working with everyone in your organization!

Lisa Barletta


I greatly appreciate your assistance in completing this course. I found it to be very helpful.

Alan J. Py

Hello Dr. Hogan,

Thank you for the feedback on the assignments. My writing style has changed. My boss is much happier with the new writing samples I have been delivering to him. I have recommended your website to several people, as I have found this process very helpful.


Thank you!

I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful. I took a proofreading test for a job interview recently, and they told me I got the highest score of any of the applicants. I'm sure this course contributed to that result.

Charlotte Easterling

Dr. Hogan,

This course was excellent. I believe it was a very broad and thorough coverage of software documentation. The certificate will certainly mean something to me because of all of the work I put in to obtain it. In any case, thanks again for the course and your feedback.

Marty Steine

Dear Dr. Hogan and Julie:

Thank you so much for sending me the certificate on the course. I learned so much for writing and I think I improved a lot. In fact, I am finding some mistakes in writing of my boss who is a native English speaker. I may get back to the another course in the future. Thank you again, for your kind guidance.


Hi Dr. Hogan and Julie Elander,

Thank you for you assistance with helping me improve my writing skills, it's a wonderful program. I will recommend this course to my co-workers.

Thank you,
LaKeshia Kimble

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for everything. This was an excellent course with lots of feedback and support. I enjoy being critiqued; it is the only way to truly look at ourselves and improve.


Thank you so much! I found the entire course extremely helpful. Most importantly, my particular issues were addressed by the last three lessons and the final exam. Your instruction on business writing was clear, understandable, and made it easy for me to apply the changes to my writing style. These minutes were SO much easier for me to organize and write. Not only will they be more accessible to those who read them, but I will have an easier time writing them. THANK YOU!


[Comment from a supervisor about the employee who wrote the previous e-mail.]

I currently have four employees enrolled in your minute-writing program. You should know that Nicole was very pleased with the program. The whole thing took her about 12 hours and she feels that she has greatly improved her written work. Here is what she had to say to her managers: "Just wanted to let you know I finished the course. Hurrah! This has already made a huge difference in my writing Ė less verbiage, most importantly. And now I feel I am better equipped to sit down with Roy and discuss exactly what he wants to see in our meeting minutes going forward. Thank you both so much for setting this up."

Iíve enjoyed the class and completing the lessons, and everything Iíve learned has helped me on the job. Thank you for your excellent program and a flexible schedule thatís allowed me to work on my time.

Trenton Tubbs

Thank you so much. I have expanded my writing knowledge since taking courses through the Business Writing Center.

It has helped me to write bidding and collection letters with clear expectations. I am more comfortable taking on a letter or memo than I was before this course.

Again, thank you.

Jessica Murray

I believe my proofreading skills have improved because the course covered topics that I was not familiar, such as citing quotations and rules for sums of money.

I would recommend this course and have already, because it is a good source of training for legal secretaries, especially individuals who are new to the field.

Annette Hellums

Hi Dr. Hogan,

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your help these past couple of months. My boss has even seen an improvement in my writing.

Thanks again!!!


This course was very challenging, but I am glad I enrolled. My writing has definitely improved over the past few months. Thank you.


Dear Ms. Elander and Dr. Hogan,

Thank you very much for your encouraging replies. I do value this course and I've learned a lot.

I appreciate all the time you and Dr. Hogan have given me. I feel my writing skill have improved and I am more confident about writing to my customer and managers.

Thank you and have a great day.


Thank you very much for your feedback.

Your course is very helpful and your material is very comprehensive.

I enjoyed, and learned a lot and thank you again for your guidance and your time.

Oana Scafesi

Hi Julie. Thank you so much. I was sure that I wouldn't pass this course. Thank you for allowing some extra breathing room with my final grade. I have learned a lot from this class and I appreciate your patience with my constant complaints. Thanks again.

Thank you for all your help! I have some employees who are very interested in taking this course. We will be contacting you soon. I found this very helpful!


It was fun. I have already recommended the course to my friends and other co-workers because I think it was really helpful. Particularly because I find myself writing all the time. I noticed that I stop and think more before writing and I realize that I need to change some bad habits. Now I can keep practicing using the rules I learned and get better.

Thanks for your help.


Thank you so much for all your help during those six months. I have definitely benefited from the course, and some colleagues have commented on my improved writing recently. The Business Writing Centre pedagogy is very effective.

With kind regards,


Thank you. Youíve been great to work with and Iíve learned so much!

Thank you for your help and time. I really learned a lot and enjoyed the course.

Ardandia Campbell

Thank you for all your feedback in this course. I was skeptical at the beginning, but I have learned things that I have been able to put into everyday practice.

Cynthia Mitchell

It was a good experience to take the class. It is rewarding to know how to communicate in writing and I feel better knowing that I can do it in the right way.

Thank you for the valuable experience and help to improve my writing.



My proofreading skills have improved considerably. I am now looking for and finding errors I never would have noticed before. I would recommend this course. It is very helpful, especially for legal assistants and anyone else working in a legal environment.


I am so excited that I completed this course. I have learned so much.

Makiko Shiraishi

I was definitely in need of this training. I am grasping it well. I just needed the correct information to work into my daily interactions and correspondences. I would certainly recommend it to others. I am glad to have stumbled upon your website and being able to take advantage of this course and to be able to offer this to our employees.



I really enjoyed the course and I will be able to apply much of what I learned to my grant seeking.


I believe my proofreading skills have improved because the course covered topics that I was not familiar, such as citing quotations and rules for sums of money. I would recommend this course and have already because it is a good source of training for legal secretaries, especially individuals who are new to the field.


I liked that I was able to skip over things I already knew and focus on areas I wanted to refresh or needed more help with. I especially liked the advice on proofreading principles and techniques and the attention given to specific legal proofreading considerations such as defined terms and citations.

improvements: Not only do I have a better grounding in principles of language and grammar, I feel that I now have the tools to be a more systematic proofreader.

I would recommend the course. It is comprehensive, appropriate for differing skill levels because of its self-paced format, and reasonably priced.

Thank you for a great course!

Robert Holum

This is my first on line course. Thank you for making it interesting and personally challenging.

Thank you

Norman Turbee

Thank you! This course and your instruction were definitely very beneficial. Thanks again.

Rasheeda Richards

Thank you for the quick review of my course work. The course, I believe, was very beneficial.

Armand Mazzulli

Hi Julie,

Thank you very much for your guidance with these lessons. I've learned a lot and have been applying these to emails at work.

Thank you again for helping me through this course. I feel like it was very valuable and have already received comments about how much better my emails and minutes are.


Lori Walton

THANKS!!!! (For everything!) I've really enjoyed this class, and it has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for shaping my writing - it has already improved the reports I send to our clients.

Again, thank you for everything. If you ever need feedback on the course (or an archaeological survey) just let me know. :)



Thank you very much, it was a great experience and it is a great tool that I am using every day and improves my communication in writing.

Jose Gaitan

Hi Professor,

Thank you so much for the helpful pointers. This was a great class!

Jennifer Garnett


I must admit that part did give me some trouble. I have reviewed the document and it helped out quite a bit. It really shows more of what they really should be like. I am going to keep this document to always refer back to when I am working on all my e-mail correspondence.

This class is wonderful and I have learned so much that I have recommended it to my company. So thank you for all your help on the part of class that was troubling me. I do so appreciate it.

Beverly LaSalle

Hello Ms. Harrison:

That is great!!! Thank you all so much. This course really helped me.

Michelle Young


This course helped me to shorten my sentences and to cut down on the government phrases.

Carol E. Goodrich

These classes have provided a great review for me, and I have learned a great deal. The refresher with the grammar was also wonderful.

Your textbook of choice was very well written too.

Ms. Elander:

Thanks much for your input on this and all of the previous assignments. I have really enjoyed and gotten a lot out of this course . . . very beneficial! Will definitely be exploring other courses with you.

I think the toughest part of this is keeping the progression in the block. I love your course, because it simplifies the concept so I can think about them and understand them.


This email is to thank you for your corrections and your assistance through the lessons. I am really happy. I feel I improved my writing a lot during the course. Hope we can work together in the future in some other course.


Hello Instructor,

Thank you for all of your patience with me throughout this class. I learned a lot and look forward to taking more classes with the Business Writing Center.

Carolyn Peters

Thank you for taking the time to help me with this course. It has helped my writing skills tremendously, and my boss will thank you for that! Have a wonderful afternoon!

Thank you.

Rachel Riedel

Ms. Elander,

Even though it took me a while, I did learn quite a bit from this class.

Judith Mulhern

Hi Julie,

Great news about passing the course! Please mail the certificate to my address listed below.

I thought the material was very helpful and contained practical, applicable information. I plan on building on the foundation of writing skills offered in this course.

Thank you.

Dan Karcher


Thank you for all your help. I just have to learn to think in terms of thesis sentences and key terms when I am drafting my reports. I have Dr. Hogan's book and that has been very helpful.

Wanda Cantrell

Thank you. The class was very useful and I will definitely use it when writing emails.

Jacqueline Leguia

All I can say, Dr. Hogan, is that I couldn't have done it without you. You are truly an asset to the writing community. Thank you.

Becky Morgan

Thanks for taking the time to review my writing style and documents. Because of your comments and reviews of my writing style and the course book, I believe my writing style is clearer and more to the point. Admittedly, I tend to digress to my old formal writing style as you have seen and you commented on. Once I see this show up in my proofreading, I push myself back on track, and this will come more naturally with practice. My director, who has a long history in business writing, comments daily about my clearer writing style. For that I thank you.

In close, I again want to say thanks and that I really appreciate your time and look forward to seeing my certificate


Bob Forman

Dr. Hogan,

Thank you for all your help over the past months. Iíve saved all your comments and Iím sure Iíll refer to them in the future.

Jennifer Crawford

All the lessons and your and your instructorsí feedback were certainly eye-openers to me and I appreciate everything that I learned in your course. I am now more confident in handling proposals because of the course.



Hello Craig,

Thank you for being patient with me, I appreciate it.

I definitely notice my writing skills have improved from taking this course. Your class helped me to polish my ability to organize content and brought me into the world of business writing. I am a creative writer and I needed to see the other end of the spectrum. This was beneficial to me.

Thank you

James Neall

Hello Dr. Hogan,

I would recommend the course! I enjoyed the class very much and I know that it made a very big difference in my letter writing, email and presentation skills. The course was a great refresher and really helped give back the confidence I needed in my grammar and letter writing. I still have the notes that I took from the class and still refer to them on occasion!

I recommend the class to anyone looking to brush up on grammar and letter writing as well as those people who may need a lot of extra work on either or both of these subjects. The direction and feedback that I received from the instructors was most helpful. The emails back and forth when I submitted a lesson or when I had a question was always answered very promptly, and with a personal positive touch.

I recommend the class to my co-workers constantly and would recommend it to anyone.

Amber Steward

Hello Dr. Hogan,

I would like to thank you for all your help. I have been receiving great reviews from my peers, and I would not have been able to do this with out all your help.

Also I wanted to let you know I sent the information about your school to the head of our Employee Development Department. I know that you will be having more students from our company in the near future.


Many thanks also, sir, for all the feedback you've offered throughout this course. I understand the business proposal writing process far better now than when I began the course at the start of this year.

Senior managers at my company are interested in what I've learned. They have requested me to provide recommendations for improving the company's business proposal writing based on the knowledge and skills gained in the course.

I will definitely recommend this course to anyone in business development who desires to improve his or her abilities in business proposal writing. Again, your instruction and advice are much appreciated. Have a great summer!

Hello Dr. Hogan,

Thank you. Itís been a very good experience. I have gained confidence in the process of writing and overall feel more knowledgeable.


Dr. Hogan,

I found the courses to be delighting and refreshing. The course brought back to me many professional writing rules that are often overlooked due to the fast pace and increased use of instant communication technology.

This course was very educational for me. I will use all the tools Iíve learned to write reports for our department. Thank you!

Dear Dr. Hogan,

I have completed the Proofreading course and want to thank you for a fantastic program! I thoroughly enjoyed learning some new skills and refreshing my old ones, and I especially liked that I could proceed at my own pace. I have recommended to my Office Manager that all of our legal assistants take this course so that we can have more consistency on how we handle the department documents. I have many notes and printed out some of the lessons so I can refer back to them in the future.

Thank you again for your assistance and feedback.

Thank you so much! I feel like I got a ton out of the course. I am in the middle of writing up my thesis outline and I know my final product will reflect the lessons learned in your course.

Thanks very much. I have definitely benefitted from your program and I often recommend it to colleagues and others who are interested in improving their business writing skills.

Student's Legal Proofreading Course Evaluation

Course_as_a_whole: > excellent

Effectiveness_of_format: > excellent

Clarity_of_course_objectives: > excellent

Concepts_explained_clearly: > excellent

Timeliness_of_instructor_response: > excellent

Helpfulness_of_feedback: > excellent

Organization_of_the_course: > excellent

Clarity_of_explanations_of_usage_rules: > excellent

Course_success_in_giving_you_skills_you_can_use: > excellent

Length_of_course_considering_what_is_taught: > excellent

Usefulness_of_exercises_to_practice_skills: > excellent

Effectiveness_of_course_test: > excellent

Overall_difficulty_of_the_course: > excellent

Course_workload: > excellent

Your improvements: Oh yes, but I sure need to practice!

Would you recommend the course: Yes. Anybody who thinks they are up to date without this refresher is going to make a lot of mistakes.

Other comments: Enjoyed it, each session wasn't so long that I lost interest or got frustrated. It also was not muddled or lost in the weeds. It was very "real-world" usage.

Thank you for evaluating my final exam so quickly. I found this course to be very useful and believe that my business writing will be more concise and meaningful going forward. Thank you for all the feedback you provided on my assignments and exams.

This class was very informative and my coworkers whom I report to are noticing the difference. Thank you for helping improve my business writing skills as this is something that will be needed for all the jobs I have in the future.

Dear Dr. Hogan,

I am glad to have graduated from the Explicit Business Writing class. This was a very valuable class for me and it significantly improved my writing skills.

I want to thank you for your patience and your help during this class. Now that it's over, I admit to you that it was difficult for me since English is my second language and this is the first time I have taken a class on-line. I worked hard to get it done and I am very proud of myself. Today I showed all my co-workers your response on the final exam and I am very excited and happy. This class gave me confidence and now at work my boss has made comments to the rest of the team that he noticed the improvement on the preparation of my emails.

Thank you for your comments. I found this course very useful and will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

First let me thank you for your hard work in creating the course. It was very informative and very helpful in enhancing my job skills.

I can't tell you how much I learned with these courses. This is an excellent program and I'm certainly lucky that my company puts us through it.

I am so happy to hear that I have completed the course. I wrote a letter for my director yesterday and she told me the course really paid off. So thank you.

I have enjoyed learning from you by taking this course. This is one of my professional goals for this year. I had the option to go to a one day seminar and call myself a writing expert but I chose to find a course that would actually teach me something. Your course has provided that! I will be recommending this course to my fellow technicians for their professional development. Great job in creating and teaching this course!