Video Training Options

Writing Effective Email

The videos available now teach the best practices we know result in clear, well-organized, effective business emails in a one-hour course. The set contains 10 short videos, each teaching a best practice. The average time for a video is six minutes. You will learn the skills you need that will enable you to write high-quality, professional business emails in this concentrated video-training format.

You may purchase the set of 10 videos for $45 or purchase individual videos for $9 each. You may rent the 10 videos for 30 days for $19 or rent individual videos for $5 each. Link to videos.

The following 10 videos are included in the 10-video course set:

  • Know the Rules of Email Etiquette
  • The Key to Writing Effective Emails: Planning
  • Write Well-Organized Emails
  • Write Effective Subject Lines and Openings
  • Write Clear Sentences and Words
  • Use Tone and Formality that Fit the Readers
  • Write Convincing Persuasive Emails
  • Write Emails that Get Solutions to Problems
  • Write Request Emails that Get You What You Need
  • Write a Successful Response Email

View a Sample from the 10-Video Set